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Seni-UK is the UK’s exclusive supplier of Seni Incontinence and Skincare products for men and women. A global brand available in over 80 countries, Seni now offer a whole range of solutions, including pads, pants and nappies, to those suffering from incontinence across the UK. People of all ages can suffer from urinary and bowel incontinence. 


Types of incontinence include:

  • Stress incontinence – when urine leaks out when under pressure from coughing, sneezing or laughing etc.

  • Urge – when urine leaks at the early sign of a full bladder.

  • Overflow – when you are unable to fully empty your bladder leading to frequent leaks.

  • Total - when the bladder is unable to store any urine, leading to heavy and frequent leaking.

  • Bowel - the inability to control bowel movements, leading to involuntary soiling.

It is important not to let incontinence hold you back and the UK Seni product range has been designed to help you. Seni provide the perfect incontinence products that tailor to all different types of lifestyle. We aim to deliver the highest quality incontinence products for the lowest possible price providing you with both security and comfort. We are so confident in the brand that we only stock Seni incontinence products. Seni products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide including the US. We are proud to be the first and exclusive distributor of Seni incontinence and skincare products in the UK.

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Visit our Advice Centre if you are unsure on which products you require or would like any additional information about our quality incontinence products.  

Seni is a brand trusted by millions of people worldwide and in the UK.

Seni’s incontinence products and skincare range accompany professionals and caregivers of chronically ill and disabled people, providing them with premium quality absorbent incontinence products and skin care solutions.


Different areas of our bodies need proper care and protection. Seni Care offer a wide range of skin care products that gently cleanse the skin, regenerate and effectively protect.

SENI-UK is the trading name for Seni and  Seni Care products sold in the UK exclusively through sister companies Gaudium Ltd. and SCIM Ltd.

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