Pull Up Pants - A perfect solution for active people who value convenience and safety. For moderate to heavy incontinence.

Pull Up Pants

The Seni Active dispoasble underwear range has been created to fit the body like regular underwear, for optimum discretion. The pants are designed with full elasticity for convenient and comfortable use. Seni Active Pull-Up pants provide protection in moderate to heavy bladder and bowel incontinence for those who wish to maintain an active lifestyle.

Instructions for use

  • ​Put the absorbent underwear on like ordinary underwear.

  • In case you need to use the toilet you can pull it up and down just as you would do with ordinary underwear.

  • Remember: tear the side seams on both sides in order to take the used absorbent underwear off.

  • Roll up the used product and put it in a bin. Do not dispose of the product into a toilet.

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