SENI-UK is the trading name for Seni and  Seni Care products sold in the UK exclusively through sister companies Gaudium Ltd. and SCIM Ltd.

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Regardless of the type of absorbent products used, it is recommended to use additional protection, which enables to keep bed and bed linen clean.


Product Properties


Bed underpads Seni Soft Super Dry are ideal as an additional protection while changing the absorbent product or during body care. Seni Soft Super Dry is a product of premium quality thanks to:


  • superabsorbent in the absorbing core - feeling of dryness and reduction of unpleasant smell
  • new, supersoft top nonwoven layer  - comfort of use
  • vapour-permeable laminate as the bottom layer - provides air circulation, better stability of the underpad


Seni Soft Super Dry Underpad 90 x 60cm - 15 Pieces

SKU: SE-091-SU15-003
  • 90 x 60 cm

  • 15