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People with incontinence are especially exposed to skin damage, and therefore more prone to skin problems.


Over the years, the skin becomes thinner, dry, and more sensitive to irritants. A proper care routine can reduce unpleasant symptoms and effectively protect the skin from further damage.

Delicate Cleansing

Everyday care is essential in order to keep the skin clean. However, to prevent washing off the protective hydrolipidic coat of the skin, cleansing products should be gentle, with a skin-friendly PH of around 5. In Seni Care skin products you can find active ingredients that gently cleanse yet condition the skin and support the natural hydrolipidic film at the same time.

Rinse formula

to be used with water

No rinse formula

to be used without water


Skin at any age is exposed to damage, whether thats through sun exposure, free radicals, smoking, chemicals or everyday wear and tear. The skin that is dry and sensitive is the most prone to irritation. As skin ages it also becomes more at risk. The Seni Care specialist Regeneration products are designed to combat this.

Effective Protection

Bed sores are a very common occurance for bed-ridden people who use absorbent products to manage their incontinence. In order to prevent skin inflammation, maceration and subsequent bed sores, it is recommended to use body care creams everytime an absorbent product is changed and the intimate area cleansed. Seni Care protective creams create a barrier to protect the skin and neutralise unpleasant odours.

Comfort of Care

Everyday care for bed-ridden people, especially those with incontinence, requires much attention. People who are exposed to skin irritation and bed sores need all the nursing to be carried out with special attention and care, with the use of specialist products. Maintaining hygiene when feeding somoene is also essential. Seni Care have created a number of products designed to assist care givers in their day-to-day care duties.